Máy rửa mặt Clarisonic Deep Pore Facial

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Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head

Recommended for all skin types with enlarged pores, the Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head is engineered with graduated dual-action bristles to help flush and dislodge oil and debris that clogs pores. Compatible with all Clarisonic Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Systems.

- Minimizes the appearance of pores.

- Skin appears smoother.

- Skin cleansing 6x better than hands alone.

How to Replace Your Brush Head

For best results, replace your brush head every 3 months.

To remove the brush head:

1) Grip the brush head firmly, then push and twist it counter-clockwise.

2) Pull the brush head away from the handle.

To attach the brush head:

Push down and twist the head clockwise until it snaps into place.

Tip: Use the brush head cap to easily remove and attach the brush head with a simple twist.


Product Description

Designed with dual motion bristles, the Deep Pore Brush Head knows exactly how to work with your skin to massage skin of impurities that may get in the way of great skin. Gentle yet immdiately effective. Works on all Clarisonic devices. For pores enlarged overtime with age.

Brand Story

Clarisonic entered the beauty industry in 2004 with the world’s first patented sonic technology skincare device. Today, Clarisonic is one of the leaders in skincare-driven technologies engineered for beauty.

About this item


  • Dual-action bristles help flush out and dislodge the oil and debris that clogs pores
  • Compatible with all Clarisonic facial cleansing brushes
  • 84 percent of women noticed a reduction in the appearance of pores
  • Replace brush heads every 3 months for optimal performance
  • Rinse with water after use

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 Máy rửa mặt Clarisonic Deep Pore Facial
 Máy rửa mặt Clarisonic Deep Pore Facial
 Máy rửa mặt Clarisonic Deep Pore Facial
 Máy rửa mặt Clarisonic Deep Pore Facial