Máy pha cà phê CHULUX Single Serve

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Product description

Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to brew a whole pot of coffee.Or maybe you want hazelnut, but someone else wants dark roast. Not a problem.

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Brewer is designed for one person.It offers you a fresh and hot 5-12 ounce cup of coffee in minutes at anytime you need it.

This brewer makes having a morning cup or afternoon pick-me-up easier than ever.The stylish and compact structure is perfect for any space,such as small kitchens,dorm,meeting room or office.

It comes with an illuminated brew switch and an automatic shut-off feature, which turns it off after the brewing cycle is complete.

Enjoy the Healthy & Happy Life with CHULUX

Single Cup Brewing Your Way

1.Well engineered - One knob and one power button,easy operation.

2.Fast Boiling System - 5oz (1 mins),12oz (2 mins),whole process will last for 2- 3 mins,perfect for busy morning routine.

3.The amount of water you pour into coffee machine is the exact amount of coffee that comes out.

4.Automatic Shut-Off Function - Light will flashs when it is boiling water and stays at brew cycle,then auto shut-off after brewing,which ensure safety.

5.Lightweight and Compact Design- Travel-sized only takes up very little counter space and easy to store.

6.No Mess After Brewing - Just take out coffee capsule when finish,even with reusable filter only rinsing out coffee grounds.

What Are in Box?

  • 1 * Black Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • 1 * Removable Drip Tray and Cover
  • 1 * Water Filter Basket
  • 1 * Instruction Manual
  • Note : Mug,Capsule and Reusable Filter are NOT included

Usage for Coffee Brewer


Voltage: 120V~60Hz

Power: 800W (Two pins UL plug with 100cm power cord)

Capacity: 12Ounce

Porduct Size: 4.3" W x 7.5"D x 9.8" H

Product Net Weight: 2.2 LBS

3.5 Bar Pump

Removable Drip Tray-Change height for mugs for splash-free brewing.

Filter Basket-Fit on inlet of water tank to avoid coffee powder or dust falling into it.

Clean and Maintain

1.Observe four holes of coffee outlet, whether there is any obstruction.

2.Choose a paper clip or toothpick to dredge water outlet needle on four outlet and water outlet.

3.After dredging,use food grade funnel to fill the water into reservoir,add 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup vinegar, then press button to start it.

4.After brewing,please let water remain in water tank for one hour.

5.After one hour,please pour out vinegar with water.

6.Brew again with fresh water afterwards until no vinegar smell remains.

Warmest Tips

1.Please brew water to clean for first use,it can be more effective to extract essence from coffee.

2.It’s suggested to descale and clean machine every 2 weeks.

3.Please use original coffee capsule.Otherwise,it may cause coffee ground in your mug.

4.Please add at least 5oz water.

5.Push coffee capsule into right place before closing lid.

Product information Black

 Máy pha cà phê CHULUX Single Serve
 Máy pha cà phê CHULUX Single Serve
 Máy pha cà phê CHULUX Single Serve
 Máy pha cà phê CHULUX Single Serve
 Máy pha cà phê CHULUX Single Serve
 Máy pha cà phê CHULUX Single Serve