Bộ trang điểm Sephora Igloo Palace Blockbuster Set

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What it is: A makeup palette includes 109 shades for your eyes, face, and lips, with a range of different textures and effects.

What Else You Need to Know: This igloo has over 109 shades including 60 eyeshadows, 24 glosses, eight cream eyeliners, four brow powders, six highlighters, three blushes, three bronzers, and one smoothing and brightening powder to create the most incredible makeup looks.

This Set Contains:
- 60 x Eyeshadows 
- 24 x Glosses 
- 8 x Cream eyeliners
- 4 x Brow powders
- 6 x Highlighters
- 3 X Blushes 
- 3 X Bronzers 
- Smoothing and brightening powder

Suggested Usage:
-Included tutorial guide has how-to's on face, brow, eye shape, and lips