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Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer – Clean & Dry Makeup Brushes in 30-40 Seconds

Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer is a professional machine cosmetic brush cleaner that is designed to thoroughly eliminate makeup residue and bacteria in seconds! Our innovative design features a USB rechargeable makeup brush spinner with 13 different collar sizes and 3 different speeds. Unlike manual cleaning methods where bristles can be damaged and take hours to dry, our makeup tool effortlessly washes and dries brushes in 30-40 seconds!

Dermatologists recommend that makeup brushes and accessories be cleaned at least every two weeks, if not more, to prevent acne-causing dirt buildup and bacterial growth. Thoroughly cleaning your brushes with warm water and soap can help to preserve their quality, even application, and longevity, as you will be eliminating residual makeup particles and bacteria from the bristles.

Selene Professional Makeup Cleaning Kit Includes:

· Makeup Brush Cleaner (3 Speeds)

· Wash Bowl

· 13 Collars

· USB Cord

How to Use for Best Results

If you’re tired of spending hours cleaning makeup brushes and then having to waste money on new makeup brushes after the bristles are damaged, you need our Selene deep-cleaning cosmetic brush cleaner set! In just three easy steps, you can preserve the quality of life of your makeup brushes by cleaning and drying them in 30-40 seconds!

For best results:

1. Choose the best fitting collar and attach the brush to the spinner.

2. Pour water and soap into the washer bowl.

3. Gently submerge the bristles and spin to clean

4. Raise the brush out of the water and spin to dry. Use the 3 different speeds for quick drying, depending on bristle thickness.

For added convenience, our makeup cleaner and dryer utilizes a rechargeable battery with USB charging so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries!

Professional Makeup Brush Cleaning Technology

Wash & Dry Makeup Brushes Instantly

Stop ruining your brushes when cleaning them and then spending hours waiting for your brushes! Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer effortlessly washes and dries makeup brushes in just 30-40 seconds – even brushes covered in foundation or dark eyeshadow! Simply place your makeup brush in the best fitting collar, spin in the washer bowl and then spin dry.

13 Collars & 3 Speeds

Our makeup brush cleaning kit comes with 13 different sized collars to ensure that the brushes stay still while rotating and can be spun on 3 different speed levels, depending on brush thickness. Regularly cleaning your brushes also helps preserve their quality, and longevity, as you will be eliminating makeup particles and bacteria from the bristles.

Prevent Germs & Bacteria

Studies have shown that most people never clean their beauty tools, which causes dirty makeup brushes to become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly helps to preserve the quality and longevity of each brush, and also helps to better apply the makeup for a like-new, smooth, clean look!

Features & details

  • ❣️ PROFESSIONAL BRUSH CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: Expertly designed as a thorough machine cosmetic brush cleaner, this innovative electric makeup brush cleaner kit is guaranteed to impress. Featuring a sturdy makeup brush cleaner spinner designed to rapidly spin your brushes clean, this kit has everything you need to wash your brushes perfectly every time – and even act as a dryer!
  • ❣️ HEALTHIER SKIN: dermatologists recommend you deeply clean your brushes with a makeup brush cleaning tool every 2 weeks, as they provide a rife breeding ground for acne-causing if unwashed. But with this automatic makeup brush cleaning solution, spinner and dryer, simply add makeup brush wash and this nifty washer machine tool is the perfect solution for a guaranteed deep clean.
  • ❣️ SAVE TIME: Unlike manual cleaning methods with basic cleansers, this easy tool can effortlessly wash AND dry brushes in just 30-40 seconds – even brushes covered in dark eyeshadow! Able to be used on a daily basis, this quick machine is the ultimate time-saving solution - and the perfect beauty gift for women.
  • ❣️ CLEANS ANY BRUSH: Complete with a prime 13 collars to keep brushes still while rotating, you can deep clean virtually any sized brush with ease. Simply fit your chosen brush into the best-fitting collar attach it to the spinner and you’re good to go. Providing a thorough effect and complete with a bowl and USB charging cord, this compact kit is easy to travel with too.
  • ❣️ 2 YEARS WARRANTY: Whilst we’re sure you’ll love the benefits this USB chargeable makeup brush cleaner kit can provide, if you’re not completely happy we want to hear about it. Simply let us know within 60 days if you’re unsatisfied to receive a full refund, or if your product is damaged within the first 2 years of purchase we’ll issue a replacement.

Product information

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Directions :

1. Select correct size collar for brush. Push brush into collar.2. Insert the brush and collar onto spindle.3. Fill bowl 1/3 of the way with Warm water, Cleaner and mix up. (Can also use dish soap as cleaner).4. Turn on machine and spin brush to clean. 20-30 sec. 1-High speed, 2- medium, 3 -Low 5. Pull brush above water level and spin to dry. 10 seconds at a time- until dry. 6. Reshape your brush bristles with your fingers.

 Bộ dụng cụ vệ sinh cọ trang điểm Selene Makeup Brush
 Bộ dụng cụ vệ sinh cọ trang điểm Selene Makeup Brush
 Bộ dụng cụ vệ sinh cọ trang điểm Selene Makeup Brush
 Bộ dụng cụ vệ sinh cọ trang điểm Selene Makeup Brush
 Bộ dụng cụ vệ sinh cọ trang điểm Selene Makeup Brush
 Bộ dụng cụ vệ sinh cọ trang điểm Selene Makeup Brush
 Bộ dụng cụ vệ sinh cọ trang điểm Selene Makeup Brush